Lawn Aeration

Lawn Aeration

Lawn Aeration is one of the best services you can add to make your lawn healthier.

                           What is lawn aeration?

Lawn Core Aerator

Core Aerating a Lawn

Lawn aeration also known as core aeration is the removal of small soil plugs or cores out of the lawn. Most aeration is done with a machine having hollow tines or spoons mounted on a drum known as a core aerator. As the core aerator goes over your lawn it pulls soil plugs out then deposits the soil plugs back on to the lawn to naturally break down back into the lawn.

What will aeration do for my lawn?

As lawns age and sustain heavy use soil compaction can result. Soil compaction is increased in poorly drained parts of the lawn. Compaction greatly reduces the pore space within the soil that normally holds air and water. The grass roots require that  uptake and water infiltration, in addition to being a physical barrier to root growth, this results in poor top growth and overall all lawn deterioration                                                          

Benefits of Lawn Aeration

Benefits of Lawn Aeration

Core aeration can benefits by lawn by?

*Increasing the activity of soil microorganisms that decompose thatch.
*Increasing water, nutrient, and oxygen movement into the soil.
*Improves your lawn rooting.
*Enhances infiltration of rainfall and irrigation to the roots.
*Helps prevent fertilizer and pesticide run-off from overly compacted areas.

When should I aerate?

In Wisconsin, the best time to aerate cool season lawns of Tall Fescue and Kentucky bluegrass is in late April to mid-May in the spring and late August to mid-September in the fall. This is when the lawns enters a period of vigorous growth and will recover quickly. Competition from weeds is                                                                            also minimal during this time. Itis recommended you have your lawn aerated at least 1-2 times per year.

Why chose Advanced Green?

*We only aerate at the appropriate times of the year that is best for your lawn.

*No skip passes, we make sure every inch of your lawn is aerated.

*Only use core aeraters, unlike some who just spike aerate which causes more harm than good by compacting your soil even more.

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