Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing

Quality lawn mowing is one of the fastest and easiest ways to improve your property’s curb appeal.

Why choose Advanced Green?

Fresh cut grass on a sunny afternoon

Freshly Mowed & Striped Lawn

*Proper equipment is used to provide the best cut on your property. We have big and small mowers that fit all your lawns needs from acres of grass to the smallest and every lawn in-between.

*Don’t want large heavy mowers on your lawn? we have light weight walk behind mowers that allow us to mow your lawn without rutting

*We provide the reliability you deserve with lawn mowing you can count on every time.  

*Sharp mower blades is often an overlooked maintenance on mowers but is critical to cut quality. We sharpen our lawn mower blades with a professional blade sharpener and blade balancer every day. Dull mower blades can causes lawn disease and tares the tips of the grass blades giving your lawn a “dull” appearance.


Mowing Grass

Mowing a Lush Lawn

*We can bag your lawn, but we recommend that we mulch your lawn. Mulching the grass clippings and letting the clipping break down in your lawn provides your lawn with extra free organic fertilizer from the clippings.

*We offer weekly, bi-weekly, and one time mowing for your lawn needs.

*We can provide the same care and knowledge that we provide to our residential customers and bring it to your commercial business, condos, townhouse or whatever it may be.

*Not mowing at the proper mowing heights is one of the biggest mistakes made to a lawn. We cut your lawn at the proper height for it to look its best.


Crisp Cut Grass

Crisp Cut Grass from Sharp Blade

What is included in our visit to mow your lawn?

We mow all open areas, then we string trim around all obstacles and areas the mowers could not reach, finally we blow off any debris from all hard surfaces.

Extra Services we recommend with your lawn mowing:

*Sidewalk & Drive Way Edging 



Other Recommended Services:

*Fertilizer & Weed Control
*Shrub & Hedge Trimming
*Spring & Fall Clean up
*Over Seeding
*More Services