Sidewalk & Driveway Edging

Sidewalk & Driveway Edging

Edging your sidewalks, driveway, curb, pavers, or any hard edged surface will give your lawn that extra WOW! factor and help set you landscape apart from the rest

Why should I Edge?

Most of the lawns in Shawano are primaly Kentucky Blue grass that grow by rhizomes.

What are Rhizomes?

Rhizomes are horizontal, underground plant stems capable of producing the shoot and root systems of a new grass blade. This allows the the Blue Grass to spread onto your sidewalk driveway and other edges. 

You lawn is not the only plant trying to take over your sidewalk Crabgrass is the most prominent weed that will over take your sidewalk & driveway edges. Even with a spring crabgrass preventer most edges will get crabgrass and other weeds  by mid summer because of the harsh condition on the edges of most lawns like walking, car tires, and exsese water most crabgrass prevention break down allowing many weeds grow along your lawns edge

How does edging help prevent weeds and grass from over taking my sidewalk and driveway?

Not only does edging remove the plant material that is growing over your edges but it also helps prevent it. By edging you create a air beerier from you lawn to the edge of you sidewalk, driveway, or other edge. Roots do not like grow through air so a deep wide edge is impotent.

If you need to mow your sidewalk at the same time you mow your lawn  it might be time for a edging. Give us a call today!

We offer weekly, biweekly, monthly, or anytime your want your edging done, we can do it.

Sidewalk & Driveway edging

Sidewalk Edging

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